• Professor Kate Douglas

    The Professor Kate Douglas Session

    Teaching is the thing that brings me most joy in my job. Don’t get me wrong, I love research, and while teaching has many challenges, somehow I still come out […]

  • The Doctor Cameron Shearer Session

    To me, the life of a PhD student is repetitive frustrating, challenging, and rewarding. I think I need to add a caveat on the rewarding part in that it’s unfair […]

  • The Doctor Mark Krstic Session

    There are a lot of PhDs out there. Sometimes it’s nice to use the Doctor title or the Professor title or whatever you might have, but I think that is […]

  • The Doctor Andy Stapleton Session

    I think I’ve always been attracted to learning. I think that’s one thing I have learned about myself is that I just enjoy learning and I think, if you stop […]

  • Dr Susan Close

    The Doctor Susan Close Session

    In this Session, Dr Susan Close talks to us about how taking exception to her supervisors published work led to her own PhD research project (and having him as her supervisor!), why she chose not to use the title of Doctor for a long time in her early political career, what made her decide to use it later on; and some very valuable advice for all students who are making decisions about their future.

  • Doctor Terumi Narushima

    The Doctor Terumi Narushima Session

    Microtonality deals with the notes that fall between the cracks. Instead of semitones being the smallest interval between two notes, you get microtones – between the semitones. I am interested […]

  • The Doctor Caroline Croser-Barlow Session

    In this Session, Dr Caroline Croser-Barlow talks to Steph and Tamara about how following her ‘tribe’ led her to studying defence in the UK, learning about information led wars during […]

  • The Associate Professor Matthew Leach Session

    I realised something was missing (and that was what drew me to nursing) and that is scientific evidence base behind that. And so, I thought my mission then was to […]

  • The Professor John Coveney Session

    I was very good at chemistry, the chemistry of food and all that. But I went to University without doing any biology… I remember the first couple of lectures, and […]

  • Dr Sheryn Pittman

    The Doctor Sheryn Pitman Session

    More and more this world is calling out for qualities that are not specific minutia of how to do a certain thing, it is calling for people with emotional fortitude […]