• Professor Kate DouglasProfessor Kate Douglas

    The Professor Kate Douglas Session

    In this Session, we talk to Professor Kate Douglas about why she probably would not do the same research question now that she is a parent, about how unique PhDs […]

  • The Doctor Cameron Shearer Session

    If you don’t know what a carbon nanotube is, well, Dr Cameron Shearer has got you covered. In this Session, he explains to Steph and Tamara how he wanted to […]

  • The Doctor Mark Krstic Session

    In this session Mark talks to us about his journey from pines to vines in the field of agricultural science. He tells us how a very early visit to the […]

  • The Doctor Andy Stapleton Session

    In this Career Session, Dr Andy Stapleton talks to us about why he decided to undertake his PhD in Australia (hint, it was much easier than applying for any other […]

  • Dr Susan CloseDr Susan Close

    The Doctor Susan Close Session

    In this Session, Dr Susan Close talks to us about how taking exception to her supervisors published work led to her own PhD research project (and having him as her supervisor!), why she chose not to use the title of Doctor for a long time in her early political career, what made her decide to use it later on; and some very valuable advice for all students who are making decisions about their future.

  • Doctor Terumi NarushimaDoctor Terumi Narushima

    The Doctor Terumi Narushima Session

    In this fascinating Session, Dr Terumi Narushima talks to us about the personal challenges of embarking on a career in music, how a chance encounter at a conference impacted her […]

  • The Doctor Caroline Croser-Barlow Session

    In this Session, Dr Caroline Croser-Barlow talks to Steph and Tamara about how following her ‘tribe’ led her to studying defence in the UK, learning about information led wars during […]

  • The Associate Professor Matthew Leach Session

    In this Session, A/Prof Matthew Leach discusses how he married holistic philosophies of health with scientific rigor, how he ‘beefed up’ his PhD following the challenge of recruitment and a […]

  • The Professor John Coveney Session

    In this Session, Professor John Coveney joins Steph and Tamara to talk about the variety of his day, his journey from a printing apprenticeship in London to Professor of Food, […]

  • Dr Sheryn PittmanDr Sheryn Pittman

    The Doctor Sheryn Pitman Session

    In this session, Dr Sheryn Pitman talks to Steph and Tamara about the diversity of her role as the Program Manager of Inspiring South Australia, how she marries creative writing […]