The Doctor Cameron Shearer Session

If you don’t know what a carbon nanotube is, well, Dr Cameron Shearer has got you covered. In this Session, he explains to Steph and Tamara how he wanted to use the technology to create a water particle filter, what happened next, and how he felt 2.5 years into his PhD; about writing conference presentations to a very short deadline; and he talks about his opportunity to go on the children’s television science show, “Scope” to talk about his research.

To me, the life of a PhD student is repetitive frustrating, challenging, and rewarding. I think I need to add a caveat on the rewarding part in that it’s unfair that effort in doesn’t always mean reward out. It’s rewarding, but not when you expect it, or you can’t expect it to be rewarding. It has to be rewarding in its own way. …. Things that are difficult, when you finish them, its more rewarding when they were difficult. If something is easy, there’s no real feeling of reward there

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Q&A with Doctor Cameron Shearer…

What is the title of your PhD: Fabrication and applications of carbon nanotube/ silicon nanostructures.

Where did you complete your PhD: Flinders University

What year did you graduate: 2012

What undergraduate degree/s have you completed: Bachelor of Science in Nanotechnology

Any honours or masters: 1 year Honours Research in Nanotechnology (2007)

What is your job title, today: Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry at University of Adelaide*

*Cameron has changed roles since we recorded the podcast, and this is where you will find him these days…*

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