The Dr Mark Krstic Session

In this session Mark talks to us about his journey from pines to vines in the field of agricultural science. He tells us how a very early visit to the Dean of Agriculture at UTAS helped cement his choices through school, how a little memory he had of a great Aunt spurred him on in his education journey, how a community *allegedly* benefited from his two-year old pine sample at Christmas time, and what he looks for as an employer, beyond just the attainment of a PhD.

There are a lot of PhDs out there. Sometimes it’s nice to use the Doctor title or the Professor title or whatever you might have, but I think that is the myth that I wanted to dispel, that once your PhD is finished, there is still a lot of hard work ahead of you and it doesn’t finish. You know if you really want to succeed, it’s hard work… I am sorry to dispel that myth.

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Q&A with Dr Mark Krstic…

What is the title of your PhD: Anatomical and physiological factors affecting adventitious root formation in Pinus radiata (D.Don) cuttings.

Where did you complete your PhD: University of Tasmania

What year did you graduate: 1997

What undergraduate degree/s have you completed: Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons), University of Tasmania (1993)

Any honours or masters: Master of Business Administration, The University of Queensland (2008)

What is your job title, today: Managing Director – The Australian wine Research Institute

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