The Professor John Coveney Session

In this Session, Professor John Coveney joins Steph and Tamara to talk about the variety of his day, his journey from a printing apprenticeship in London to Professor of Food, Culture and Health at Flinders University, in Adelaide, and he shares with listeners a brief but ancient history of guilt, pleasure and food in moderation, and turning his PhD into a book that is now in its second edition.

I was very good at chemistry, the chemistry of food and all that. But I went to University without doing any biology… I remember the first couple of lectures, and I thought the lecturers were saying “D and A” , not “DNA”. I really had no idea what they were talking about…

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Because I undertook my thesis in the Humanities I was able to step outside the usual thesis structure. I did not know it at the time but stepping away from convention allowed me to easily publish much of my thesis as a book “Food, Morals and Meaning: The Pleasure and Anxiety of Eating” (Routledge), which is now in its second edition.

Q&A with Professor John Coveney…

What is the title of your PhD: The Government and Ethics of Nutrition

Where did you complete your PhD: Murdoch University, Western Australia

What year did you graduate: 1996

What undergraduate degree/s have you completed: BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics (Surrey University, UK)

What is your job title, today: Professor, Food, Culture and Health

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