The Dr Caroline Croser-Barlow Session

In this Session, Dr Caroline Croser-Barlow talks to Steph and Tamara about how following her ‘tribe’ led her to studying defence in the UK, learning about information led wars during a time of global conflict in the US, lucky-happenstance in doctoral research, and what bought her back to Adelaide, and her current role in the Department for Education.

I was really lucky because I had two wonderful supervisors, and (I had) an opportunity to engage with people who have spent their whole lives thinking about this thing that you’ve just started poking around the edges on, and for them to be curious about what you think… wow! That is kind of incredible!

Listen to the Interview with Dr Caroline Croser-Barlow

Q&A with Dr Caroline Croser-Barlow…

What is the title of your PhD: The New Spatiality of Security: Operationalising Uncertainty and the US Military in Iraq

Where did you complete your PhD: Lancaster University

What year did you graduate: 2007

Other Degrees: BA; MA in Defence Studies

What is your job title, today: Executive Director, Early Years and Child Development


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