The Dr Elizabeth Newnham Session

In this Session, Dr Elizabeth Newnham joins us to talk about her various journeys, from politics to midwifery and back; from Adelaide to Dublin and back; and getting ethics approval to conduct an ethnography in the maternity setting.

I thought it was wonderful. I would recommend anybody who is thinking of doing a PhD, to do one because it is very flexible, its creative, it is inspiring. I mean the downside is the money…it is rubbish…

Listen to the Interview with Dr Elizabeth Newnham

Q&A with Dr Newnham…

What is the title of your PhD: The epidural complex: A critical ethnography of hospital birth culture

Where did you complete your PhD: UniSA, School of Nursing and Midwifery

What year did you graduate: 2016

What undergraduate degree/s have you completed: Bachelor of Midwifery and Bachelor of Nursing (both Flinders); Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Adelaide Uni

What is your job title, today: Midwifery Lecturer, Griffith University

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