The Dr Sheryn Pitman Session

In this session, Dr Sheryn Pitman talks to Steph and Tamara about the diversity of her role as the Program Manager of Inspiring South Australia, how she marries creative writing and ecological literacy, how ecologically literate people are, and about eating blueberry pie in American diners while she built rapport with some of the gurus in her field.

More and more this world is calling out for qualities that are not specific minutia of how to do a certain thing, it is calling for people with emotional fortitude and compassion and communication skills and a whole raft of things you don’t necessarily learn through taking a subject at a university. From that point of view, I am really glad I did my arts degree first because it gave me a broader sort of engagement with the world, before I focussed in further

Listen to the Interview with Dr Sheryn Pitman

Q&A with Dr Pitman…

What is the title of your PhD: Ecological literacy: An assessment of the ecological knowledge and understanding of South Australian adults

Where did you complete your PhD: University of South Australia

What year did you graduate: 2015

What undergraduate degree/s have you completed: Bachelor of Arts; Grad Dip in Education; Master of Environmental Studies

What is your job title, today: Programme Manager Inspiring South Australia


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